Andrey Susekov


Prof. Andrey V Susekov

Andrey V Susekov works as a Professor Faculty for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Academy for Postgraduate Education, Ministry of Health and also Head, Department of Clinical Trials, Central Clinical Hospital, Academy of Medical Science, Moscow, Russia.

Dr A Susekov graduated from Tomsk Medical Institute in 1986, West Siberia, Russia and rotated in Clinical Cardiology, All-union Cardiology Research Center (CRC) in 1986-1989. In 1989 Dr Susekov completed his Ph.D. thesis dedicated methodology o Lp(a)-apheresis in CHD patients.

In 1993 he was awarded ESC Training Fellowship to study clinical lipidology in the Hammersmith Hospital, London, UK (head-professor G R Thompson). In 1994 he returned back to CRC , Moscow and continued his work in cardiology/lipidology His doctoral thesis was dedicated optimization of lipid-lowering therapy in very high risk CHD patients. In 2002 Dr Andrey Susekov had training on Lipid Metabolism and lipoprotein kinetics in the Department of Medicine, Royal Perth Hospital, Western Australia (head-professor G F Watts) .Over the past 30 years Dr A Susekov was involved in > 40 local and international clinical trials with novel lipid lowering drugs. He was among the first clinicians who introduced therapy with high doses of statins and modern combinations of lipid-lowering drugs in Russia. Dr A Susekov organized and performed several randomized lipid lowering trials (MSS, ESCAPE, ESCADRA, FARVATER) and took an active part in writing National (2004, 2009, 2012) and International (2013,2014) Lipid Guidelines He is member of several International Atherosclerosis Advisory Boards, Streering Committees and Panels (EURIT, CGAB, EASAB, PedAl NLA , ScreenPro, EAS FHCS et al), served as a National Coordinator of ORIGIN, EVOLVE-I, II, FOURIER, STRENGTH and PROMINENT trials. Andrey V Susekov is an active lecturer in the field of dyslipidaemia and atherosclerosis. Dr A Susekov is author of a popular “Virtual Lipid Clinic’ in the Internet ( and leads an independent educational Lipid website in Russian ( ).(Dr A Susekov is an experienced clinical lipidologist, consulted ,many adult and pediatric patients from Russia and other countries. He is author and co-author of more than 200 papers published in Russian and international journals, author of 3 books. Dr Andrey Susekov is one of the most experienced lipidologists in Russia, he is member of Expert Committee of Russian Atherosclerosis Society, member of EAS, IAS, NLA, ACC and AHA.


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