Einladung im Journal of Membrane and Separation Technology (JMST) zu veröffentlichen (23.09.2013)

Im Folgenden wird die Einladung im Journal of Membrane and Separation (JMST) zu veröffentlichen auf alle Mitglieder der MightyMedic ausgeweitet

Dear Prof./ Dr. Claudia Stefanutti:
We are going to publish the fourth and final issue of volume 2 for year 2013. To date we have published five issues and final issue is due in November 2013. We have agreed to keep an “ACTIVE” editorial board to keep the journal on the right track and publish quality research continuously.
As a part of the editorial team, we expect that you will be able to either contribute One article per year and further try to arrange article contributions from your colleagues to keep the journal in good shape. We have a great editorial team which ensures the publication of articles within 4-6 weeks and the publisher offers great platform to showcase your work in front of the world at very low cost. We are thankful to you for your continuous participation in peer reviewing process for the manuscript submitted in the journal.
Therefore, I request you to kindly make efforts to submit your own work to the journal and invite potential authors to submit papers for “
Journal of Membrane and Separation Technology” especially for volume 3- 2014. We are also putting in all our efforts to encourage our colleagues to submit their work to this journal. Kindly copy us your invitations for follow up only if required. You may use the below draft letter to send to your colleagues if you wish.
Looking forward to receiving your contributions for the journal.


Prof. Dr. Masakazu Yoshikawa
Editor in Chief of “Journal of Membrane and Separation Technology”
Chairperson, Department of Biomolecular Engineering
Kyoto Institute of Technology (KIT), Kyoto, Japan

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